get Facebook friends first_name without second api call

In my Ionic project, I'm running this fb javascript api call:

$cordovaFacebook.api("me/friends", ["user_friends"])
                    function(success) {
                      console.log("SPLASHCTRL: FB: GOT FBAPP FRIENDS SUCCESFULLY: " +;

                       $scope.fbAppFriends =;
                       console.log('SPLASHCTRL: FB: SETTING LOADING TO FALSE');

                       $scope.loadingFbFriends = false;
                    // success
                   function (error) {
                    console.log('SPLASHCTRL: FB: ERROR GETTING FRIENDS' + JSON.stringify(error));


which works, but only returns friend's name, id... , not containing his first_name.

Would there be a way to require this directly in the data response, or am i supposed to use the api for every friend again?


Easy solution in one call:


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