add time on each object initialization

I'm initializing a jQuery notification plugin using the following code. I used setTimeout function to delay each object init.

if(applicablePromotions.length > 0){
                    title:'Your Download is Ready!',
                    message:'1.4 GB',
                    icon:'fa fa-download'
                theme:'awesome ok',
                position:'top left',

The problem is all the objects get's shown in after the delay time period. There is no time difference in each object. how can I achieve the time difference on each object.

I use the following plugin :


The problem in your code is all the elements in the array is using a constant delay of 1000 ms, since you want to display one by one, you can use a dynamic delay like

if (applicablePromotions.length > 0) {
    applicablePromotions.forEach(function (promo, i) {
        setTimeout(function () {
                content: {
                    title: 'Your Download is Ready!',
                    message: '1.4 GB',
                    info: 'my_birthday.mp4',
                    icon: 'fa fa-download'
                theme: 'awesome ok',
                position: 'top left',
                inEffect: 'slideRight',
                outEffect: 'slideLeft'
            //use a dynamic delay
        }, (i + 1) * 1000)

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