Search List FirstOrDefault StartsWith fuzzy

If I use the following code I will find an Item.ShowName starting with “X” – if one exists.

List<Artist> myList = new List<Artist>();
//Fill list with items
Artist Item = myList.FirstOrDefault(x => x.StartsWith("X"));

My problem is if there is no Item.ShowName starting with “X”. In that case I want the nearest match, i.e. the first Item starting with “Y” or the last Item with “W” in my list. Obviously I can enumerate through the whole list but this might be slow. What is a fast way to get the result?


Here is a little trick you can use to do so :

Artist Item = myList.Where(s => !String.IsNullOrEmpty(s))
                    .OrderBy(x => Math.Abs(x[0] - (int)'X')).FirstOrDefault();

Convert 'X' and first character of x to integer, order by the absolute value of the difference.

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