creating JSON object without using a list

I want to be able to create a JSON object so that I can access it like this.


Currently, my JSON is like this:

var education  = {
    "schools": [
        "UNCC": {
            "graduation": 2015, 
            "city": "Charlotte, NC", 
            "major": ["CS", "Spanish"]
        "UNC-CH": {
            "graduation": 2012,
            "city": "Chapel Hill, NC"
            "major": ["Sociology", "Film"]
    "online": {
        "website": "Udacity",
        "courses": ["python", "java", "data science"]

When I go to Lint my JSON, I get an error message. I know I can reformat my object to access it like this (below), but I don't want to do it this way. I want to be able to call the school name, and not use an index number.



Objects have named keys. Arrays are a list of members.

Replace the value of "schools" with an object. Change [] to {}.

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