How to remove carriage return char after it's pressed?

I have a textarea which is restricted to input only numbers. I want to remove carriage return char after user presses enter key. Here's my code:

// Change tempo
function changeTempo(event:KeyboardEvent):void {
    if (event.charCode == 13) {
        // Some code here
    // Remove enter char

function removeCarriageReturnsAndNewLines($myString:String):String {
    var newString:String;
    var findCarriageReturnRegExp:RegExp = new RegExp("\r", "gi");
    newString = $myString.replace(findCarriageReturnRegExp, "");
    var findNewLineRegExp:RegExp = new RegExp("\n", "gi");
    newString = newString.replace(findNewLineRegExp, "");
    return newString;


I would say the easiest way is to listen to text input, something like this:

var t:TextArea = this.ta; //ta is on the timeline
t.restrict = "0-9"; //restricts the input only to numbers
t.addEventListener(TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT, onTextInput, true); //use capture phase to be able to prevent the default behavior (text input)

function onTextInput(e:TextEvent):void {
    if(e.text.indexOf("\n") > -1) {
        e.preventDefault(); //prevent the default behavior of the field

I cannot test this right now but I guess it should work without problems.

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