ArrayList Prints Numbers

Input Data:

(00:00) Pedro Del Mar & Beatsole - Pianophoria (Original Mix) 
 [Black Hole Recordings]

03:01 New World - Ushio (Original Mix) 
[Abora Recordings]

Powershell Code:

$readData = Get-Content "C:\Users\SomeUser\inputData - Alternate - 2.txt"
$ArrayList = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList

function removeBrackets([string]$removeBrackets){

if($removeBrackets.Contains(":") -and ($removeBrackets.IndexOf(":")  -eq 2)){
           $subString = $removeBrackets.Substring(7-1);

elseif($removeBrackets.Contains(":") -and ($removeBrackets.IndexOf(":")  -eq 3)){ 
         $subString = $removeBrackets.Substring(7+1);



for($i=0; $i -le $readData.Length; $i++){



for($a=0; $a -le $ArrayList.Count; $a++){

   Write-Output $ArrayList[$a]


Pedro Del Mar & Beatsole - Pianophoria (Original Mix)
New World - Ushio (Original Mix)


I created a script that filters out data from a text file. It removes the HTTP links and times from the tracks. It then adds the string to an Array List

Why does printing the Array List produce the 0,1? How do I prevent that from happening?


The ArrayList.Add method always returns the index of the new item that you add:

PS > $ArrayList = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList
PS > $ArrayList.Add('a')
PS > $ArrayList.Add('b')
PS >

You can suppress this output by either casting to [void]:

PS > $ArrayList = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList
PS > [void]$ArrayList.Add('a')
PS >

or by redirecting the output to $null:

PS > $ArrayList = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList
PS > $ArrayList.Add('a') > $null
PS > 

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