Fail to Import RestKit with Cocoapods Dynamic Frameworks

I have the prelease version of cocoapods installed, 0.26, and trying to install the latest version of RestKit. In my podfile I've turned on the use_frameworks! flag to force cocoapods to use dynamic frameworks.

Putting import RestKit in my swift file causes a build failure: 'RKValueTransformers.h' file not found. RestKit is set up to use a handful of other libraries and include their headers into the project (AFNetworking, RKValueTransformers, TransitionKit, etc.)

According to an article for cocoapod authors I believe the issue is that the way to import and include these libraries need to change to work with dynamic frameworks and cocoapods. Either the autogenerated umbrella file needs to import these files for use or RestKit needs to import these libraries using @import RKValueTransformers or #import <RKValueTransformers/RKValueTransformers.h>.

I am not an expert at Objective C, Cocoapods, or RestKit so looking to see if anyone has gotten this working and I am doing something wrong or if it requires a change made to RestKit.


This is a bug currently in RestKit. Sam Giddin has an open PR right now that fixes the issue. I made a fork of RestKit that I'm using in my project with the commits from the PR to get around this issue until they merge in the fixes and make a new release.

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