How to get Exception message thrown by one of the specflow scenario's methods

I am using specflow for automating my test. As expected, when any of the [Given-when-then] methods say do not find and element, they throw exception. I want to get the error message of this exception in [afterscenario] method called after each scenario. Is this possible?

for example below is the error message I need to catch


You are looking for ScenarioContext.Current.TestError. I tried looking through the SpecFlow documentation, but I think I found this property by just drilling down into the ScenarioContext.Current property using Intellisense in Visual Studio.

using TechTalk.SpecFlow;

namespace Your.Project
    public class CommonHooks
        public void AfterScenario()
            Exeception lastError = ScenarioContext.Current.TestError;

            if (lastError != null)
                if (lastError is OpenQA.Selenium.NoSuchElementException)
                    // Test failure cause by not finding an element on the page

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