How Can use Espresso 2 (for tests) with extends Application (

I have gradle android-project. My project work, and my espresso-tests work too.

But If I adding my implementation (extends Application and <application android:name=".AppInstance" ... in AndroidManifest) - throw - tests not found, when I start their, by connectedAndroidTest.

How Can I use (extends Application) with library Espresso 2?

I found goode example with espresso 2 and extends Application (, but tests in this example do not work :(


It helped me -

I must to add some code to build.gradle:

debugCompile ''
debugCompile ''
debugCompile 'org.mockito:mockito-core:1.10.17'

debugCompile ('') {
    exclude group: 'javax.inject'
debugCompile ''

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