Upper and/lower queriable values jdeveloper

I have a query form in a jspx file and i'm trying to define some of the values as case sensitive, meaning that i want to be able to find, for example, a name with all letters upper case and/or lower case and obtain the values that i would obtain if i've inserted the name correctly. Can someone indicate me where can i find something to accomplish that?

Thanks in advance


Code from my jspx file

<af:query id="qryId1" headerText="Search" disclosed="true" 
          maxColumns="3" rows="2" fieldWidth="30%"
          displayMode="compact" saveResultsLayout="never"
          saveQueryMode="hidden" modeChangeVisible="false"/>


In a view criteria, for each criteria item there is a check box Ignore Case. Uncheck it if you want to make that search field case sensitive.

If you are using All Queriable Attributes to create your search then you can set it in queryListner method of the query component. Here are the steps:

Create a queryListener method for your query component

<af:query id="qryId1" headerText="Search" disclosed="true" value="#{bindings.ImplicitViewCriteriaQuery.queryDescriptor}" model="#{bindings.ImplicitViewCriteriaQuery.queryModel}" queryListener="#{backingBeanScope.searchBean.queryListener}" queryOperationListener="#{bindings.ImplicitViewCriteriaQuery.processQueryOperation}" resultComponentId="::resId1"/>

Make query attributes case insensitive in queryListener method

  public void queryListener(QueryEvent queryEvent)
    QueryDescriptor qdesc = (QueryDescriptor) queryEvent.getDescriptor();
    ConjunctionCriterion conCrit = qdesc.getConjunctionCriterion();
    //access the list of search fields
    List<Criterion> criterionList = conCrit.getCriterionList();
    for (Criterion criterion: criterionList)
      ((AttributeCriterion) criterion).setMatchCase(false);
    invokeMethodExpression( "#{bindings.ImplicitViewCriteriaQuery.processQuery}", queryEvent);

  private void invokeMethodExpression(String expr, QueryEvent queryEvent)
    FacesContext fctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    ELContext elContext = fctx.getELContext();
    ExpressionFactory eFactory =
    MethodExpression mexpr =
      eFactory.createMethodExpression(elContext, expr, Object.class,
                                      new Class[]
        { QueryEvent.class });
    mexpr.invoke(elContext, new Object[]
        { queryEvent });

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