Which is more reliable for Github API Conditional Requests, ETag or Last-Modified?

The Github API specifies two headers that can be used in Conditional Requests, Last-Modified and ETag. Which is the more reliable when querying the API?

For context: when using the api endpoint GET /repos/:owner/:repo/git/trees/:sha on each subdir of a large repo, every response contains the same last-modified value (even though the repo on github shows different authored dates) while the etag value for each is different. I'm wondering if the ETag is a more granular representation of repo content state change (for caching purposes).


Reading "ETags: a pretty sweet feature of HTTP 1.1", it says:

"ETags allow dynamic content to be cached using an app-specific "opaque token""

An ETag, or entity tag, is an opaque token that identifies a version of the component served by a particular URL. The token can be anything enclosed in quotes; often it's an md5 hash of the content, or the content's VCS version number.

If the content of the answer is the same, the ETag should be identical everytime.

I just tested it with https://api.github.com/repos/VonC/gopanic/git/trees/master, and indeed its ETag remains W/"34a03ea1d4dc0b5d533ecf8d36492879" even when called repeatedly.

But should I get the tree for each subfolder, then the ETag would vary because it represents a signature of the different response content.

The advantage of ETag is that it doesn't depend on a date (whose clock might vary for diverse reason), but on the content of the answer: if unchanged, it means the content sent is still the same than the one sent before.

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