How to show a custom actionbar view from one fragment only

I have a requirement for my app that a custom action bar view be shown from one fragment only (the landing page fragment). The problem is that this action bar is appearing when the user navigates to other fragments. Is there a way to do this without disabling custom view on every fragment?



For this issue, only show actionbar for one fragment without show on all other fragments, solution could be very easy:

In your activity that hosts your fragments:

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    ... ...

    // for API >= 11
    // for API < 11

    ... ...

Then in the fragment that you want to show actionbar:

public void  onAttach(Activity activity){
    activity.getActionBar().show(); //getSupportActionBar() for API<11


public void onHiddenChanged(boolean hidden) {
    if (hidden) {
       getActivity().getActionBar().hide(); //getSupportActionBar() for API<11
    } else {
       getActivity().getActionBar().show(); //getSupportActionBar() for API<11


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