How does 192,168,1,2,7,138 convert to port 1930 on IP address

How do i deduce the port and ip from a number that FTP throws? For example 192,168,1,2,7,138 converts to 1930 on IP address

What is the logic behind?


The first four numbers indicate client IP, the second two numbers indicate the client port number. It's a hex to dec conversion.

16^2 * 7 + 138 = 1930

The first number stands for 3-rd and 4-th bit of a hex number (port number), the second is for 1-st and 2-nd bit of a hex number. So we have

7 = 07 in hex


138 = 8A in hex

Altogether we have

078A in hex which is 1930

or you can just skip that and convert only the first number to dec which is for 3-d and 4-th bit because of that "shift". The second number is already converted.

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