Match multiple object property values on AngularJS typeahead

I am trying to get an Angular Bootstrap UI typeahead to match against multiple properties. If i have an array of objects like this:

    "city":"New York",

Can typeahead match any of the 3 properties (city, region, country ) and if it does, return all as a string in the results dropdown.

If a user types "NY" it should return and display

New York, NY, USA

And if a user instead types "Lon" it should return and display

London, England, UK

I'm wondering if it is possible to do what this and what might be the best approach?

Note: The typeahead is set to match against leading characters.


1. define model

$scope.model.addresses = [
    {"city":"New York","region":"NY","country":"USA"},
    {"city":"London","region":"England", "country":"UK"}

2. define custom filter function

$scope.findAddress = function(keyword) {
   return $filter('filter')($scope.model.addresses , {'$': keyword});

'$' - means find in all properties

3. and try to use in this way

<input typeahead="address for address in findAddress($viewValue)"/>

not sure if typeaheadHighlight will work fine edit - typeaheadHighlight seems to work fine.

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