Adding member or alias to existing path in Rails 3

For the jobs -> apply action I want to "alias" the "create" action.

In rake routes it would look something like this:

I've tried to do it like this but I think this is not exactly what I'm looking for:

  resources :jobs, :only => [:show, :index, :create] do
    resources :apply, :only => [:index, :create] do
      member do 
        post :completed
    resources :share, :only => [:index, :create]

In human words:

When the user submits the page located at "/jobs/<job_id_here>/apply" (the index view) the result page (the create view) should be "/jobs/<job_id_here>/apply/completed" instead of "/jobs/<job_id_here>/apply/" .


When we track users via Google Analytics we can't see if they submitted the form successfully since there is no difference between "/apply" and "/apply" .


Hm, what about using a named route as path

Add a line at the end of your routes.rb

post '/jobs/:job_id/apply/completed', to: apply#create as: apply_job

And then in your new.html.haml

form_for :job, apply_job_path

This should call the create action of your apply controller.

Instead of apply you can use of course any name you want.

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