Titanium.Android.Intent share on social media

I'm developing an App that shares news on "Only" native apps like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I can't make intent shares custom to display only the apps I stated before. And using custom modules open apps in the browser.

I'm using titanium... So any help with this?



I am using the following intents to share on native Facebook and twitter apps:

var intFB = Ti.Android.createIntent({
    action : Ti.Android.ACTION_SEND,
    packageName : "com.facebook.katana",                        
    type : "text/plain"

intFB.putExtra(Ti.Android.EXTRA_TEXT, yourLink);
//facebook only supports LINKS(!!!)

var intTwitter = Ti.Android.createIntent({
    action: Ti.Android.ACTION_SEND,
    packageName: "com.twitter.android",     
    flags: Ti.Android.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK,
    type: "text/plain"

intTwitter.putExtra( Ti.Android.EXTRA_TEXT, yourMessage); 
//twitter supports any kind of string content (link, text, etc)
Ti.Android.currentActivity.startActivity( intTwitter );

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