Pass Content To Function of Another Module in Python

I am using SAX Parser. I am trying to send the 'content' I retrieved using below code:

After checking the startElement and endElement, I have the below code:

def characters(self, content):  
   text =  format.formatter(content)

this format.formatter is expected to read this data that I sent as 'content' for any processing like removing junk characters etc and return it. I do that by using string.replace function:

    remArticles = {' ! ':'', ' $ ':''}

    for line in content:
        for i in remArticles:
            line= line.replace(i, remArticles[i])
            return line

However the output is not coming up as expected.

It will be great if some one can help on this.

source will some thing like:

"Oh! That's lots and 1000s of $$$$"

Expected: Oh That's lot of 1000s


You are iterating over each character not each line:

def characters(content):
    remArticles = {'!': '', '$': ''} # remove spaces from " ! "
    for i in remArticles:
         content = content.replace(i, remArticles[i])
    return content

You are also trying to match ! and $ with spaces around them which according to your expected output is incorrect.

In [6]: content =  "Oh! That's lots and 1000s of $$$$"

In [7]: characters(content)
Out[7]: "Oh That's lots and 1000s of "

Just using replace is the most efficient option:

In [20]: timeit characters(content)
1000000 loops, best of 3: 746 ns per loop

In [21]: timeit format_this(content)
100000 loops, best of 3: 2.57 ┬Ás per loop

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