Rounded Edges on UIBezierPath

i'm currently working on a Plot Method to plot simple coords on a UIView.

I got my values in an array.

 foreach (int y in samples)
                x += 10;
                path.AddLineTo(new PointF(x, baseline - y));
                pathDown.AddLineTo(new PointF(x, baseline + y));

after that i set

            path.LineCapStyle = CGLineCap.Round;
            path.LineJoinStyle = CGLineJoin.Round;
            pathDown.LineCapStyle = CGLineCap.Round;
            pathDown.LineJoinStyle = CGLineJoin.Round;

but the corners aren't rounded. What can i do?

Thank you.


There's already a method that should cover this for you: UIBezierPath.FromRoundedRect

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