How to mount a directory in virtualbox with Salt-Stack?

Currently trying to provision a VirtualBox with Salt. There is a salt-state to mount directories. However, I don't know what the device should be in the state.

The state currently looks like:

    - user: ...
    - ...
    - device: <somedevicenamewhichIcantgetright>
    - fstype: auto

Whatever I try for somedevicenamewhichIcantgetright isn't found, and I've looked in the docs here but I can't find anything about this.

Does anyone know what it should look like? I've tried username@machine:/path/to/directory and file://path/to/directory (although that should be on the virtualbox itself; I was taking a shot at the pack).


Are you trying to mount a directory from the host to your vm with Virtualbox? If so, you can do that in your Vagrantfile like this:

config.vm.synced_folder "saltstack/salt/", "/srv/salt"

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