Rails Active Admin + Chartkick = Not working?

I was trying to use Chartkick to generate graph that shows on rails active admin dashboard. Here is the tutorial I am using: http://www.patrickedelman.com/simple-charting-for-activeadmin/

However, the graph did not show up, instead, it shows "Loading..."

I already include javascript_include_tag "//www.google.com/jsapi", "chartkick" and gem chartkick is installed, but it still does not work.

Please help! Thank you.


Don't forget to add #= require chartkick to active_admin.js.coffee.

To render a chart in AA dashboard, go with:

div class: 'custom-class' do
  h3 'Your name for a chart'
  @metric = Model.group(:attribute).count #whatever data you pass to chart
  render partial: 'metrics/partial_name', locals: {metric: @metric}

This file

partial: 'metrics/partial_name'

lays under app/views/metrics/partial_name directory, and could have the following structure:


= javascript_include_tag "//www.google.com/jsapi", "chartkick"
= pie_chart metric 

Having this you should be ok with using chartkick.

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