Generic type T as variable name

Im working with EntityFramework and I need some method which will synchronize incoming lists of entities with Database (overwriting records description or mark them as obsolete):

    public void Synchronize<T>(List<T> entityList)
        //do something

First of all I need to get all data from corresponding table and get difference between two lists (one unchangeable thing is entry's GUID). For example if incoming entityList's type is User then I need to get all data from "User" table etc.

It doesn't work:

        var query = from entity in typeof(T)
                    select entity;

Of course I can do it old way:

switch (typeof(T).Name)
            case "User":
                var query = from user in User
                            select user;
                //Sync with User table
            case "Project":
                var query = from project in Project 
                            select project ;
                //Sync with Project table

But maybe there is an elegant way to handle generic? Because I have a plenty of tables to synchronize. Thanks!


If you have access to the DbContext you could use the method Set<T> to do it.

var query = from entity in context.Set<T>() select entity;

But to make it work in your context you have to put at least a constraint on type T and the entities need to share a type or interface. Otherwise you cannot build your queries, cause T could be anything (object).

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