Add rows dynamically to UITableView

I am developing an app that fetches some messages from a web service that returns them by pages. I am displaying the first page initially, but if the user wants to scroll down and see past messages, I am supposed to make the request for the next page and get the messages. My question is, what's the best way to expand the Table View and add the messages to the data source and load them in the table so the user can see them?



Create 'load more' section with one row in it. Place an activity indicator in it. In 'cellForItem' for this section make a request and reloadData once you receive the data.

You can detect when the table view is near the bottom. Make a request for more data and then load it into the tableview's data source. (Array or whatever you're using) then you just reload the tableview. Row count can be the datasource you're using.

I do this often in my app.

Implement the UIScrollView delegate method scrollViewDidScroll, and check whether the table has been scrolled close to the bottom, and then update your array that helps the datasource methods popular the table view, and call reloadData:

-(void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView *)scrollView
    DLog(@"Did scroll: contentOffsetY: %f, contentHeight:%f", scrollView.contentOffset.y, scrollView.contentSize.height);

    float scrollViewHeight = scrollView.frame.size.height;
    float scrollContentSizeHeight = scrollView.contentSize.height;
    float scrollOffset = scrollView.contentOffset.y;

    if (scrollOffset + scrollViewHeight >= scrollContentSizeHeight)
        // update your datasource/array that provides content to table view
        [yourTableView reloadData];

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