Android layout packaging

I have android project where I am using lots of layout as common resources in other activity layouts. for example, I have a layout for headers , which I include in 4 activity layouts for visual consistency. Since I have lots of common layouts created, my layout folder is very cluttered. I was looking for a way to package them separately. What I wanted to do is to create another sub-folder inside the layout folder and put all the shared resources there like :

under res folder


  --common ( folder)

From this link in SO, I found that its not supported in android which was answered 4 years ago. It mentions that, gradle can resolve this issue by proper mergings, but I would prefer other options if there are any. I was wondering if there are any other ways to handle this scenario? I am just trying to organize the layouts file so that they don't clutter in one folder. Is gradle the ONLY way to go ?

This is my SDK details if that matters .

        android:targetSdkVersion="21" />

Thanks in advance for any kind of input.


This is still unsupported. Android studio's Android scoping looks slightly better.

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