WebGrid ActionLink how to get row object

I have WebGrid which is build using Model I build it using code below:


@model IEnumerable<ExampleMVC4.Models.LicenseInfo>
    ViewBag.Title = "Licenses";
    WebGrid grid = new WebGrid(Model);    
@grid.GetHtml(tableStyle: "table table-striped table-hover",
  columns: new[] {
    grid.Column(header: "IsValid", format: item=>new HtmlString(Html.ActionLink((string)item.IsValid.ToString(), "Deactivate", new { @id =  item.SerialNumber} ).ToString()))


public ActionResult Index()
    var data = getLicenseInfoList();
    return View(data);

public ActionResult Deactivate(string serialNum_)
    if (serialNum_ != null)
        ViewBag.Message = serialNum_;
    return View();

But I am unable to get it to call Deactivate() function with serial number.

What is the proper way to handle ActionLink click inside WebGrid?


Your ActionLink is generating a route parameter named id ( ... new { @id = item.SerialNumber} .. but you methods parameter name is serialNum_. Change the methods signature to

public ActionResult Deactivate(string id)

Note also its a link so its a GET, not a POST (although its not clear what the method does)

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