Where to put favicon for a scala Spray application (i.e. what is the root of the site?)?

Internet says I should put my favicon.ico in the root of the site to stop Spray from clogging my logs with huge stacktraces. I don't know what the root of the site means, particularly in the context of a RESTful spray application.

Suppose my project is in ~/src/my-project - I build it (sbt assembly), and run it from this location, where should I put the favicon.ico?? I tried putting in ~/src/my-project but I still get the stacktrace.

NB: it only throws the exception if I directly access the API from my browser (rather than via the actual front end of our website).


Most of current browsers are automatically looking for favicon.ico inside your site's root. So, you have to process their GET /favicon.ico http-requests. The easiest way to do that - is to use spray-routing's getFromSource:

import spray.routing.SimpleRoutingApp
import spray.http._
import MediaTypes._

object Main extends App with SimpleRoutingApp {
  implicit val system = ActorSystem("my-system")

  startServer(interface = "localhost", port = 8080) {
    path("favicon.ico") {
      getFromResource("favicon.ico", `image/x-icon`) //will look for file inside your `resources` folder

If you already have some processing actor (and don't use spray-routing), you will need to process GET /favicon.ico directly inside your actor, returning something like:

def receive = {
   case HttpRequest(GET, Uri.Path("/favicon.ico"), _, _, _) => 
      sender ! HttpResponse(entity = HttpEntity(`image/x-icon`, 
         HttpData(new File("favicon.ico")))) //will take it from a file in application folder, you may also pass any array of byte instead of File

See another answer for more info about second option.

P.S. If you don't want to bother with favicon.ico file - you may return just StatusCodes.NotFound in both cases:

  • complete(NotFound) for routing
  • sender ! HttpResponse(NotFound) for your own actor

As it's done inside SiteServiceActor.

Also, using W3C Preffered Method (put link inside your web pages) won't guarantee cross-browser compatibility (for exception), as it depends on browser's search order and there is no W3C standarts about that (see siteData-36). Most browsers seems to look inside site's root first, even if you don't have any html pages.

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