Create a list of distance matrices in R

Using the Cshapes package in R, I want to create a list of matrices that measure for each year whether two countries are neigbors or not.


Running the code for one year (here 1990) works fine:

wmat <- distmatrix(as.Date("1990-1-1"), type="mindist", tolerance=0.5, useGW=FALSE)

This gives a matrix with the following structure:

        A   B   C   D
1   A   0   0   210 0
2   B   0   0   637 305
3   C   210 637 0   73
4   D   0   305 73  0

In a next step, I set all combinations with 0 distance between two countries to 1, all other combinations to 0, and the diagonal to 0 again:


This gives me following matrix:

        A   B   C   D
1   A   0   1   0   1
2   B   1   0   0   0
3   C   0   0   0   0
4   D   1   0   0   0

What I struggle to do is to automatically create matrices for all the years between 1960 and 2014, do the corrections for each year and store the results into a list of matrices where I can recall each matrix by the respective year.

Any inputs are highly welcome.


You could try

lst <- lapply(1960:2014, function(x) {
           wmat <- distmatrix(as.Date(paste0(x, '-1-1')), 
             type="mindist", tolerance=0.5, useGW=FALSE)


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