Always show overlay for edges in Cytoscape.js

Is there a way to always show the edge line overlay in Cytoscape.js

The gif below show that the overlay is shown when the edge is active (after select or tap)

Here is the current styling I have :

var cy = cytoscape({
    container: document.getElementById('cy'),
    style: cytoscape.stylesheet()
            'background-color': '#69B8B6',
            'border-color': '#AABFB8',
            'border-width': '2px',
            'width': '35px',
            'height': '35px',
            'content': 'data(name)',
            'font-size': '11px',
            'font-weight': 'bold',
            'color': '#337AB7'
            'target-arrow-shape': 'triangle',
            'source-arrow-shape': 'circle',
            'curve-style': 'bezier',
            //'control-point-weight': 0.5,
            'content': 'data(name)',
            'font-size': '7px',
            'line-color': '#E4860D',
            'line-style': 'dotted',
            'overlay-color': '#c0c0c0',
            'overlay-padding': '50px',
            'overlay-opacity': 100
            'background-color': '#E4860D'
            'line-color': '#E4860D',
            'line-style': 'solid',
            'overlay-color': '#c0c0c0',
            //'overlay-padding': '100px',
            'overlay-opacity': 100
    layout: {
        name: 'grid',
        padding: 10
    userZoomingEnabled: false,
    ready: function(){ console.log('ready') }

However this has no effect of the edge overlay for non active states.


Just use the overlay-* properties with whatever selector you want in your stylesheet (probably just edge in your case).

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