Call view controller method from custom class

I have a custom class and a view controller.

My custom class:

class ChatManager:NSObject {

    func messageArrived() {
         //When Message arrives I am handling it from here
         //I need something like that: Viewcontroller.updateTable()

When message arrives from internet I need to update tableview in view controller. So I mean I have to call a view controller method from messageArrived method. How can I do this ?


Here is a simple example of using delegate:

declare the delegate before your chat manager class

protocol ChatManagerDelegate {
    func manageMessage()

when the message arrived, call the delegate method to handle it.

class ChatManager: NSObject {

    var delegate: ChatManagerDelegate?

    func messageArrived() {

in your view controller, remember to set the delegate of the chat manager to self.

class ViewController: ChatManagerDelegate {
    var manager = ChatManager()
    manager.delegate = self

    func manageMessage() {

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