Orange app can't find MySQLdb. How do I install it?

I've installed the Orange app on my Mac and when I try a "Prototypes > SQL" widget, I get an error when executing the query. It says the MySQLdb Python library is not found/installed.

How do I go about installing it so that the Orange app can find it?


Using pip:

pip install MySQL-python

This may not be the optimal approach in terms of system paths and such, but it works.

Find where you installed Orange. If in the OS's Applications directory, it is: /Applications/

Try this at the console:

cd <your_Orange_app>/Contents/Frameworks/Python.framework/Resources/

./Python <your_Orange_app>/Contents/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin/pip install MySQL-python

This just executes "pip install MySQL-python" but with the relevant python and the relevant pip.

Another approach might be to edit the <your_Orange_app>/Contents/MacOS/ENV file and specify the path to an existing installation of the MySQLdb lib.

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