JQuery Mobile and Scala.js: How to call functions like “navbar()” or “toolbar()”?

In JQuery mobile, to make persistent headers, footers and nabbers work as expected, you have to do something like this:

$(function() {
    $( "[data-role='navbar']" ).navbar();
    $( "[data-role='header'], [data-role='footer']" ).toolbar();

What is the equivalent in Scala.js?


As usual in Scala.js, as a first "draft" you can always use the dynamically typed API:


If you want a statically typed API, you can define it. As far as I know, no one has written facade types for jQuery mobile yet. However, there are facades for jQuery itself, such as 1. You can then "pimp" additional methods provided by a jQuery plugin, such as jQuery mobile, using the monkey patching pattern for Scala.js facades:

import org.querky.jquery._

trait JQueryMobile extends JQuery {
  def navbar(): Unit

implicit def JQueryMobileOps(jQ: JQuery): JQueryMobile =

and then you can do:


and it will be statically typechecked.

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