Oracle SQL Cross Tab Query

I have a table which has the following structure and sample data:

0001   KS5    10
0001   KS6    30
0002   KS5    10
0002   KS6    20

I need to query cross tab so that I get

0001  10   30
0002  10   20

The LOC (KS5 and KS6) can vary and new locations can be added.

How can I get the desired result?


For dynamically generated results you need some dynamic PLSQL solution, something like this procedure creating view v_list_loc:

create or replace procedure p_list_loc is

  v_sql varchar2(32000) := '';


  for c in (select distinct loc from test order by loc) loop
    v_sql := v_sql || '''' ||c.loc|| ''' '||c.loc||',';
  end loop;

  v_sql := 'create or replace view v_list_loc as '
    ||'select * from (select item, loc, stock from test) pivot (sum(stock) '
    ||'for (loc) in ('||rtrim(v_sql, ',')||'))';

  execute immediate v_sql;

end p_list_loc;

In procedure code replace test with your table name. Compile this procedure, run and select results from generated view v_list_loc:

SQL> exec p_list_loc;

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed

SQL> select * from v_list_loc;

ITEM         KS5        KS6
----- ---------- ----------
0001          10         30
0002          10         20

Every time when new values in column loc appears you need to execute procedure before selecting from view.

Please try this query .

        FROM   TABLE_NAME)
PIVOT  (SUM(quantity) AS sum_quantity FOR (ITEM) IN ('KS5' , 'KS6'))


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