GMail API: Authentication required twice

I'm running a app on Google App Engine which connects to the GMail API. In general this all works fine, however I have noticed that if I start a completely new session, the authorization is asking for authorization twice. Once from Google App Engine (see image below), and once through the regular Consent Screen as I would expect. What is initiating the first authorization and is there any way I can get rid of it?

My code for authorization:

decorator = OAuth2Decorator(client_id=settings.CLIENT_ID,

class gmailAuth(webapp2.RequestHandler):
 def get(self):
    if decorator.has_credentials():


I've figured out that the @decorator.oauth_aware refers to the Google Account API, which I am not using. This is what is causing the screen to appear. That means that since I am using webapp2 authentication, I will have to refer to the non-GAE specific API authentication.

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