What are the differences between Conda and Anaconda

I first installed Anaconda on my ubuntu at ~/anaconda, when I was trying to update my anaconda, according to the documentation from Continuum Analytics, I should use the following commands:

conda update conda
conda update anaconda

Then I realized that I did not have conda installed, so I installed it using the documentation from here.

After conda is installed, when I run conda update anaconda, I got the following error:

Error: package 'anaconda' is not installed in /home/xiang/miniconda

It appears conda is assuming my anaconda is installed under /home/xiang/miniconda which is NOT true.

My questions are:

  1. What is the differences between conda and anaconda?
  2. How can I tell conda where my anaconda is installed?


conda is the package manager. Anaconda is a set of about a hundred packages including conda, numpy, scipy, ipython notebook, and so on.

You installed Miniconda, which is a smaller alternative to Anaconda that is just conda and its dependencies (as opposed to Anaconda, which is conda and a bunch of other packages like numpy, scipy, ipython notebook, etc.). Once you have Miniconda, you can easily install Anaconda into it with conda install anaconda.

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