Create a button with an icon in actionscript

I want to create buttons with icons in Flex dynamically using Actionscript.

I tried this, with no success:

var closeButton = new Button();
closeButton.setStyle("icon", "@Embed(source='images/closeWindowUp.png");


I found an answer that works for me. In my .mxml file, I create Classes for the icons I will use:

// Classes for icons
public static var CloseWindowUp:Class;
public static var Down_Up:Class;
public static var Up_Up:Class;

In the Actionscript portion of my application, I use these classes when dynamically creating buttons:

var buttonHBox:HBox = new HBox();
var closeButton:Button = new Button();
var upButton:Button = new Button();
var downButton:Button = new Button();

closeButton.setStyle("icon", SimpleWLM.CloseWindowUp);

upButton.setStyle("icon", SimpleWLM.Up_Up);

downButton.setStyle("icon", SimpleWLM.Down_Up);

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