Writing msUnit tests for asynchronous procedures

If you call the Start()-Method of a MyClass-Object the Object will start sending data with the DataEvent.

class MyClass {

    // Is called everytime new Data comes
    public event DataEventHandler DataEvent;

    // Starts de Data Process
    public void StartDataDelivery()


How do I write a Test for that functionality if i can Guarantee that the DataEvent will be Invoked at least three times during a fix time period.

I haven't done any asynchronous Unittests yet. How is that done, assuming that someone else needs to understand the test later?


MSTest hasn't had any serious updates for some time and I don't see that changing.

I'd strongly recommend moving to xUnit. It supports async tests (just return a Task from the test and await to your heart's content), and is used by many new Microsoft projects.

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