SlidingPaneLayout items in RecyclerView

I'm populating a RecyclerView with several SlidingPaneLayout items, as to achieve a 'swipe to delete' functionality (basically, dragging an item to the right reveals a DELETE button)

Problem: When I drag an item to the right, it seems like the RecyclerView also intercepts my touches, and if my drag is somewhat diagonal (or not too horizontal) - the RecyclerView starts scrolling and the SlidingPaneLayout cancels the closing/opening of the pane

I've tried adding a touch listener to each SlidingPaneLayout that prevents the RecyclerView from intercepting the touches once ACTION_DOWN is performed on the SlidingPaneLayout, but that's not good as it blocks scrolling right away



The solution:

Prevent the RecyclerView from intercepting touch events given the following condition:

10% < sliding pane offset < 90%


ViewParent parent = ...; // Should be the RecyclerView
if (slideOffset > 0.1 && slideOffset < 0.9) {
} else {

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