How to remove an object from the Storyboard?

The UICollectionViewFlowLayout object always come with a UICollectionView

When placing a UICollectionViewController or a UICollectionView inside my Storyboard I can see that a UICollectionViewFlowLayout object always comes with them.

I have no use for it. How do I delete it?

However, I have no use for it because I'm dealing with the UICollectionViewLayout, which is slightly different and customizable. I can't seem to find a way to delete it. It is also causing issues in my app.

Is there any way to delete the UICollectionViewFlowLayout object?


You can't delete a UICollectionViewFlowLayout because every collection view needs one. It's just a matter of if it's a custom layout or a default one, but either way, it's still using a layout.

From the UICollectionView reference:

A very important object associated with a collection view is the layout object, which is a subclass of the UICollectionViewLayout class. The layout object is responsible for defining the organization and location of all cells and supplementary views inside the collection view.

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