Pass data using Intent & bundle need to convert to int

I'm trying to pass data to another activity, but after passing it I want to convert it to int is there a way to do that.

This my code:

Intent intent = getIntent();

    Bundle bundle = intent.getExtras();

    if(bundle != null) {

        String checkerHolder = checker.getText().toString();

        int finder = Intent.parseIntent(checkerHolder);


The "checkerHolder" is the problem here look at the pic:

Any idea ?


replace this line

int finder = Intent.parseIntent(checkerHolder);

with below one

    int finder = Integer.parseInt(checkerHolder);

Try just int finder = Integer.parseInt(checkerHolder).

If your purpose is to get a integer at the other end, why don't you send it as an integer itself. You can do it easily as given below.

Add this in the sender activity

Bundle yourBundleName = new Bundle();

yourBundleName.putInt("yourKey", 100);
Intent yourIntentName = new Intent();


On the receiving end simply get it as a Integer

Bundle extras = getIntent().getExtras(); 

if(extras !=null)
    int yourIntegerName = extras.getInt("yourKey");

This will reduce your conversion part.

If you still need it as a String and want to convert it to integer, you can use this

int yourIntegerName = Integer.parseInt(yourStringName)

Any troubles ? Feel free to ask.

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