If I use string.contains() on a string that may have regular expressions

If I use string.contains() on a string that may have regular expressions, will the regular expressions trigger? For example string.contains("alpha\wbet").

Am I right in thinking that contains will be fine but matches will not? Thank you


String.contains() accepts CharSequence as argument and doesn't "trigger" regexes that it or processing string may contain.

Returns true if and only if this string contains the specified sequence of char values.

From here.

Contains take a string as parameter and looks for that string. It doesn't work as regexp. If you want to search for regular experssion use string.matches

It accepts char sequence as a paramater. If you give regex contains method consider that as char sequence. Below provide sample program depict the behavior.

 String inp="12345";
 Matcher m=Pattern.compile("\\d+").matcher(inp);



The output of the testcase shows how it contains method works for regex.

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