Python - Backslash Quoting in String Literals

I have a string that contains both double-quotes and backslashes that I want to set to a variable in Python. However, whenever I try to set it, the quotes or slashes are either removed or escaped. Here's an example:

>>> foo = 'baz "\"'
>>> foo
'baz ""'

So instead of baz "\" like I want I'm getting baz "". If I then try to escape the backslash, it doesn't help either:

>>> foo = 'baz "\\"'
>>> foo
'baz "\\"'

Which now matches what I put in but wasn't what I originally wanted. How do you get around this problem?


You're being mislead by output -- the second approach you're taking actually does what you want, you just aren't believing it. :)

>>> foo = 'baz "\\"'
>>> foo
'baz "\\"'
>>> print foo
baz "\"

Incidentally, there's another string form which might be a bit clearer:

>>> print r'baz "\"'
baz "\"

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