Autowiring inside abstract class made for mapstruct

I am trying to build a REST Controller using Spring. To format the data for readability and more integration, I have used Mapstruct. Here's how I wrote Mapper.

public abstract class DeviceDataMapper {

DeviceService deviceService;

public static DeviceDataMapper INSTANCE = Mappers.getMapper(DeviceDataMapper.class);

    @Mapping(source = "deviceId", target = "iddevice"),
    @Mapping(source = "deviceName", target = "name")
public abstract TODevice deviceToTODevice(DeviceData device);

public DeviceData toDeviceToDeviceData(TODevice toDevice){
    DeviceData deviceData = new DeviceData();
    try {
    } catch (Exception e) {

    return deviceData;

The API Controller function looks like this

@RequestMapping(value = "/{deviceId}",method = RequestMethod.GET)
public @ResponseBody DeviceData get(@PathVariable int deviceId) {
    DeviceData deviceData=new DeviceData();
    try {
        deviceData =    DeviceDataMapper.INSTANCE.toDeviceToDevice(deviceService.findOne(deviceId));
    } catch (Exception e) {
    return deviceData;

The output deviceData returns fine except for one detail. I couldn't get to this function deviceService.findDeviceTemplateById(toDevice.getDeviceTemplateId() (where deviceService is autowired). The error stack trace shows me NullPointerException. So I am wondering whether is there any general rule about the accessibility of the autowired resources in abstract class? Or is the way I am instantiating that makes this function inaccessible? What should I change to make it work? I have also tried with @Inject from javax.inject with same result.


In order for @Autowired to work, the DeviceDataMapper class needs to be a Spring bean. It will not work if you instantiate it yourself.

Either make it a Spring bean and use it like one, or pass a reference to deviceService into it from your controller.

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