Using Python to start a browser (Chromium) and change the url

I am trying to write a script that makes it possible to change the url of an active process.

So for instance, I am starting my browser using:

browser = Popen(["chromium", ""])

After an X interval I want to change the url of browser.

I've tried allot of things to get this result but nothing has succeeded so far. (stdin.write / put (PIPE) etc etc.).

browser = sh.Command('uzbl-browser')(print_events=True, config='-', uri=current_browser_url, _bg=True)
browser.process.stdin.put('uri' + '\n')

I'm hoping you can help me out with this.




if you work with browsers + python, you'll probably want to take a look at Selenium. It's not copy-paste but you can learn it in couple of hours...

I recommend using selenium to automate this process although you could use webbrowser too:

from selenium.webdriver import *;

chrome = Chrome() # create browser

Just import webbrowser and use function

Here's an example of opening a music playlist:

import webbrowser
gaana= ''

i am working on ubuntu 16.04 and i solve this problem by using geckodriver.exe file. these steps are very simple please read caefully.

:: at first you have to install selenium by typing this command on terminal>>

        for python2:-  python -m pip install --user selenium
        for python3:-  python3 -m pip install --user selenium

:: next step download geckodriver using link given below >>

:: since i am using ubuntu so i download geckodriver-v0.24.0-linux64.tar.gz now extract it.

:: now in the python code for firefox browsing add these lines >>

 from selenium import webdriver

 browser = webdriver.Firefox(executable_path = '/home/aman/Downloads/geckodriver')
 url = str(raw_input("enter a valid url :: "))
 browser.get(url) #example :: url =

::for chrome browser >>

 from selenium import webdriver

 browser = = '/home/aman/Downloads/geckodriver')
 url = str(raw_input("enter a valid url :: "))
 browser.get(url) #example :: url =

:: in my pc i extract geckodriver in /home/aman/Downloads/geckodriver so you have to put whole path for geckodriver file where you extract your file.

:: now run this python file on python2.7,for python3 replace raw_input with input. i hope this will definitely work for you.

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