Callable Dao dynamic method

I need to do something like this:

Creating a callable, and pass it to a ThreadPoolExecutor. The Callable in fact is a Dao, which should execute different functions. Because its not possible to pass parameters to the call() function directly, i thought about doing something like this, to immediately execute the code when an object is created:

Creating a class like this:

public class FooRecordDatabaseInsert {
    static {
        //execute some code

The callable could now look something like this:

    public Foo call() {

But i have to pass parameters, like an Entity to this class. Is there a good possibility to create a class which has one function with parameters, which is immediately executed, when the object is created?

Or may there be an completely different solution?


If I understand correctly, you want a Callable that calls a method of a DAO with parameters.

So you want something like this:

final MyDAO dao = ...;
Callable<Foo> callable = new Callable<>() {
    public Foo call() {
        return dao.someMethod(1, 2, 3);

This is called an anonymous inner class, and you should definitely know about them before doing advanced, complex, multi-threading stuff.

With Java 8, you can use lambdas to make things even simpler:

MyDAO dao = ...;
Callable<Foo> callable = () -> dao.someMethod(1, 2, 3);

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