Angular Material Design - Change flex value with screen size

new to AngularJS so please bear with me. Im using Angular Material Design ( and I have difficulties in identifying a way to efficiently do responsive grids.

Please see my comments in the code below:

    <div layout="row">
<div layout="row" flex="75" layout-sm="column" class="ptn-info-grid" layout-margin> <!-- USING ROW FOR DESKTOP AND COLUMN FOR MOBILE DEVICES -->

    <div layout="column" flex="66"> <!-- I want this div occupy 2/3 of screen in Desktop but change to 100 in mobile devices (but stays in 66) -->

        <div layout="row" layout-sm="column">
            <div class="ptn-info-grid-item" flex>1</div>
            <div class="ptn-info-grid-item" flex>2</div>

        <div layout="row" layout-sm="column">
            <div class="ptn-info-grid-item" flex>3</div>
            <div class="ptn-info-grid-item" flex>4</div>


    <div layout="column" flex="32"> <!-- I want this div occupy 1/3 of screen in Desktop but change to 100(which actually happens) in mobile devices. Im not using 33 because while using margin for child elements this div goes out of the parent div a little. -->
        <div class="ptn-info-grid-item" flex style="margin-left: 0px;">Right Long

<div layout="row" flex="25" id="customer-phone-img"></div>

But changing the above flex values from "flex=66" and "flex=32" to simply flex and flex, gives me desired result in mobile devices, however as you would know, in desktop, instead of the 2:1 ratio its occupying half and half.

Please also see attached images. ![Expected][1]

![How it is][2]

So i'm looking for a way to change the flex value for smaller screens (for when layout-sm is applied - change flex=66 to flex=100).


Check out the "Responsive Flex & Offset Attributes" section here:

Basically, you can use these options:

  • flex - Sets flex on all.
  • flex-sm - Sets flex on devices less than 600px wide.
  • flex-gt-sm - Sets flex on devices greater than 600px wide.
  • flex-md - Sets flex on devices between 600px and 960px wide.
  • flex-gt-md - Sets flex on devices greater than 960px wide.
  • flex-lg - Sets flex on devices between 960px and 1200px.
  • flex-gt-lg - Sets flex on devices greater than 1200px wide.

So change your:

<div layout="column" flex="66">


<div layout="column" flex-gt-sm="66">

And that div will only use the 66 width when greater than small (mobile)

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