How to select a related group of items in Oracle SQL

I have some data of the form

Key    ID      Link       
1      MASTER  123
2      AA      123
3      AA      123
4      BB      123
5      MASTER  456
6      CC      456

I would like to be able to select in the same select all linked items matching the selection criteria, plus the linked master. For example, if I have an ID of 'AA', I want the rows with ID = 'AA' to be returned, plus the row with ID = 'MASTER' and a link of 123:

1      MASTER  123
2      AA      123
3      AA      123

I'm using Oracle 10.2g, so if any special Oracle syntax will make this easier, then that would be ok.


Here's one method.

SELECT DISTINCT key, id, link
  FROM the_table
  START WITH id = 'AA'
  CONNECT BY id = 'MASTER' and link = PRIOR link and 'AA' = PRIOR ID

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