What is the best Eclipse GWT plugin?

We're going to investigate GWT for our project. When searching for an Eclipse GWT plugin I got many.

  1. Google Eclipse Plugin
  2. GWT Designer
  3. Cypal studio
  4. None, run GWT in hosted mode
  5. GWT-Tooling
  6. Other?

In your view, what is the best GWT plugin for Eclipse and why?

[27 Nov: Editied to reflect the answers below...]


Google Plugin for Eclipse

What would be a better & free Eclipse GWT plugin than the one coming from Google itself? It even supports both:

  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Google App Engine

I've been looking at the progress of GWT Tooling and Cypal Studio, but both seems to be dormant. My guess is that they are conceding VS Google Plugin for Eclipse.

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