How can I modify Windows NTFS permissions in Perl?

I'm using ActiveState Perl on Windows Server 2003.

I want to create a directory on a Windows NTFS partition and then grant a Windows NT security group read access to the folder. Is this possible in Perl? Would I have to use Windows NT commands or is there a Perl module to do it?

A small example would be much appreciated!


The standard way is to use the Win32::FileSecurity module:

use Win32::FileSecurity qw(Set MakeMask);

my $dir = 'c:/newdir';
mkdir $dir or die $!;
Set($dir, { 'Power Users' 
            => MakeMask( qw( READ GENERIC_READ GENERIC_EXECUTE ) ) });

Note that Set will overwrite the permissions for that directory. If you want to edit the existing permissions, you'd need to Get them first:

my %permissions;
Win32::FileSecurity::Get($dir, \%permissions);
$permissions{'Power Users'}
Win32::FileSecurity::Set($dir, \%permissions);

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