How to move a sql server express mdf file to a different sql sever express server?

I'm trying to move my database.mdf file from a development environment to a SQL Server Express server that is hosted on my VPS - but I can't figure out how to attach the file to my database server. Help!


sp_attach_db (or CREATE DATABASE FOR ATTACH) - don't forget to bring the LDF (log) files, too.

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How to build shared library using CMake, starting from this (non working) Makefile example

php c++ makefile cmake swig

I am writing a Makefile by hand to create a PHP extension lib using SWIG. I have the following directory structure:

Compile time size of string literal in array of string literals

c++ c embedded string-literals compile-time-constant

I'm looking to find the length of a C-string literal at compile time.

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