Excel 2002 Web Query screwing up en-GB dates

Good afternoon,

I have a web query in Excel 2002 going against a web page that returns a date column. The dates are returned as DD/MM/YYYY, as I would like to show them in my spreadsheet. My machine running Excel has its regional settings set to en-GB, and the only language set under Internet Options is UK English.

Nevertheless, the web query pulls the dates as MM/DD/YYYY, which is misinterpreted by Excel.

How can I get the Web Query to return the dates in my regional settings, MM/DD/YYYY?


Can you modify the "web query"?

The universal date format is the better way for Office products to recognise dates/times. I've had similar problems working with GB to US dates and found that coding your dates into this format saves you a lot of trouble.

Universal Date format is : "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss"

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