SQL Backups in Compressed Folder

We are looking for a free solution to compress our SQL Server backups for SQL Server 2005. I am aware of SQL Safe freeware edition, but I was wondering what others thought of storing backup files in compressed folders to achieve the desired result. This would allow us to use the native SQL backup tasks and native windows compression, thereby eliminating the need for third-party products.

I have not used compressed folders for anything in the past. Is this a viable idea? Are there any foreseeable issues with the integrity of the backups in a compressed folder?


Quick hint from google: backing-up-to-a-ntfs-compressed-folder. Seems that database size may create problems.

What about freeware solutions then you can run 7zip in scheduled batch after backup, should handle big files correctly. You should move backups outta production server anyway :)

I'm the author of an open source project (GPL v3) that does what you are looking for. It is a command line tool (to schedule in Scheduled Tasks in Windows) and backs up to gzip, zip (specifically zip64 due to the 4GB limitation with regular zip files), or bzip2 files. You can use the tool to restore directly from the compressed files, or you can uncompress the compressed files (which are standard *.bak files) and then use the SQL Server GUI to restore.

It's called SQL Server Compressed Backup, found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mssqlcompressed/

A sample command would be:

msbp.exe backup "db(database=model)" "zip64" "local(path=c:\model.full.bak.zip)"

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